HK-Systems Mission

HK-Systems mission is unique in providing full connectivity to all African countries.

Thanks to the team that makes the success of-the Network communication system over Africa. HK-Systems will provide a full range of competitive, value-added services to all African countries, enhancing and reinforcing the integration of Africa. Network communication system is the result of the strong will of all African states to join efforts and co-operate in making the Pan-African satellite telecom infrastructure a reality.


The range of tailor-made services offered by HK-Systems enables local operators to service their clients’ real communication needs.
HK-Systems aims to play a key role in the IT Telecom sector in Africa.
The company’s goal is to make universal access to telecoms services a reality and sustain development of ICT, throughout the continent and beyond.
The company is responsible for financing, designing, launching and operating the HK-Systems servers, as well as defining and delivering services adapted to the African market.
HK-Systems is deploying a complete ground infrastructure to support two networks for broadband and telecommunications services.

These services will be offered to African telecommunication operators and will enable them provide affordable national and international telephony-trucking and IP-transit connections, as well as low-cost telephony and internet services throughout Africa, with emphasis on under-serviced locations.

emphasis in under served locations.

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