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HKSSA is currently embarking on a project to equip our service people and clients with a platform to ensure our customers get the answers to their technical issues, fast and with more technical accuracy.

The innovative products we have launched (HK cloud in Lansdowne) will certainly make for top performances in 2014. A main point of the project is to create a big factor of growth for HKSSA Lansdowne and our clients. Considering our point of geographic location, our synergies between client and HKSSA, we can show the communities that HKSSA is the brand that is accessible, can be localized and can be whatever  people want it to be, because HKS is for everyone after that we can move forward with our plan for HKSSA Lansdowne.

Our objective at HKSSA Lansdowne is to be your one stop IT support starting 2014.

Our starting point was to search for ways that will keep our client close to us. We needed a system that would give our clients 24/7/365 access to us and allow us to communicate.

We are providing the platforms for clients to access and manage their task and of course, also do all the usual things like Facebook, Skype, Banking……………

How is the project doing?

HKSSA Lansdowne has achieved considerable success since the commencement of the project in three months. All our lines of the project should record a strong growth with exceptional growth for the first part of our plan.

From the office of the chief Executive, we say big thank you…………..

This is one of the first projects handled by the office of the chief executive officer in past three months. Together with our clients, we will keep the project up and running. As we all know that HKSSA has changed many people’s life with a simple click as internet user. We will like to thank  all our clients  over the years  for your contribution, support and collaboration. But most of all, thank you to the CEO of the Company Hevrose Kazadi, for creating a genius organization.

These are exciting times, with extensive opportunities to enhance the project and to build a more transparent organization, using technology. The challenges are great and success will be possible, only if we all work together to make this a reality.

For HK-systems, it’s a privilege and pleasure to be part of the project.


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