HKSSA Clients have the Power to Growth


HKSSA expanding and enhance its Wireless project network to over 500 customers (consumer and small business) our target it by year-end 2014, 99 percent of our customer to use internet from Home. This network expansion will create:

  • IT support at Home and office (IT help Line)
  • Business intelligent
  • IT assessment
  • Website content and editing of text
  • HKSSA plans to offer you better service (high-speed Internet access and VoIP) to all our customer.
  • HKSSA plans to offer provide you with a complete IT support \ outsourced solution for all your IT year-end 2014, it simple register to our website or email us.
  • HKSSA Monthly Service Contracts to our clients.


Having a support contract with us gives you and your company the advantage when it comes to speedy and reliable service.


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let us know what you think of  HKSSA project?




  1. that’s gr8!

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