Infrastructure Services

Need a Company to support your existing infrastructure? Looking to effectively model your business on ICT?


Reliable ITO provider, HK-systems, will make your IT problems a thing of the past. In respect of ICT infrastructure, HK-Systems plans and implements Cloud on the basis of its own network infrastructure, integrates customer sites across the globe, and ensures dependable, secure transmission of data. As we plan to expand and become more complex; consolidating the infrastructure is a top priority. HK-Systems analyses your existing environment, identifies weaknesses, and proposes improvements. This provides a solid basis for designing strategies to ensure smooth implementation of a stable, flexible infrastructure managed by HK-Systems. HK-Systems boast proven expertise in scenarios where seamless interaction of IT and telecommunications is particularly important.

Drawing on our extensive experience in infrastructure services, we can put our advice into practice – providing you with an end-to-end solution for operation of server platforms, based on almost any technology. Importantly, this involves the deployment of virtualized systems, in particular for dynamic services. Our offering encompasses server hosting, storage, back-up, access, related security and consulting services.

  • Global Network
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • LAN Solution
  • Service Desk Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Onsite Services
  • Hosting Services

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