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With holidays looming, you might get the temptation to disconnect from your business completely. Don’t. Rather, take technology along….

Hevrose kazadi

Holidays are upon us again, but for an entrepreneur it is very necessary to stay connected while on vacation. Indeed, there’s nothing worse than returning from holiday, only to find you are overwhelmed with work, having lost clients or to have fallen behind on projects.

It is paramount to stay in contact with your employees and clients, in order to remain in touch with your business.

Thanks to today’s technology, we have effective ways to remain connected with clients and employees.

The key thing is to have portable devices with access to the internet. Your connection on the move depends on type of device you own; be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. With these devices, however, you may still experience challenges with network connectivity.

For example, on a laptop you can have three types of connectivity; LAN WIFI, USB/Internal, 3G mobile network.

For a tablet, you have two ways: the mobile network 3G / 4G and Wifi. Your hardware actually determines the type of networks you can connect to outside of your home. Two possible and easy solutions are: Mobile Internet via 3G networks or Wi-Fi wireless.

There is also the “tethering”; that is to say “use modem” which includes the connection between sharing a 3G phone and wireless terminal. This is interesting if you have a suitable mobile plan. Please note that the quality of your connection will have a direct impact on quality of work altogether.

If you go on holiday abroad, beware of the bill! The rates of mobile internet subscription from your network service provider will soar. So, you have to take precautions and keep an eye on your consumption.

Work as if you were at the office

HK-Systems CEO

Collaborative tools are more efficient depending on your needs.  Conduct meetings on the phone or even video conferences of high quality. This allows you to network with your colleagues or clients on ongoing projects, without your physical absence from your office, which can be problematic – both physically and financially.

Skype is now the pathway type of IP messaging and one of the most commonly used. You will communicate with the world instantly. It is free, only calls to physical phones are charged. Lync Online is also a hosted service where you exchange info with others through instant messaging via video calls or online meetings. You need a license, but there are more elaborate functionalities, including your access to real-time presence of information (photos, availability status and location included).  Of significant detail; customers have the opportunity to participate in teleconference calls with Lync.

Share your documents as office Network drives

With cloud, you can store, organize and share files with people inside and outside your company. They are always updated and everyone can access the latest copy. This is the case with one drive, documents and folders are stored in one drive. Documents are private until you decide to share them. You allow users to change or simply check applications such as calendar, a presentation, planning… You can also share documents or files in a library site.

All these tools are essential for working on holiday, seamlessly and with access to all the data you need. This prevents you from losing the thread and ensures you are fully operational as soon as you are back!

  • Presentation by Hevrose Kazadi HK-systems CEO

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