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Let us reflect for a moment on our achievements after what has been a busy month. The fact that we managed to win new business over and clients surpassed our annual targets in December 2013, is not surprising. This success is due to our efforts in diligently following a focused strategy for the last few years, and we are now reaping the rewards. It brings me to Agenda 2014-2015, which we will busy finalizing in due course. Agenda 2014 is a continuation of the winning strategy we implemented in 2013. It sets out, in simple terms, the goals and objectives of HK-Systems in Africa. It also states our purpose and business philosophy that drive us. Take time to read more about us and free to email any questions

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Update 02-11-2013

HKSSA internet opens in Bellville South

 Bellville South internet users are now enjoying a good internet experience at our Bellville Cafe, which seeks to uphold same high standards as those available at Head office (Lansdowne). This new HKSSA internet is already operational. According to Hevrose Kazadi, CEO of the company, following a thorough evaluation process, it was decided to operate a HKSSA-branded Internet at new site – similar to one in Lansdowne but on a smaller scale.


Bellville South existing internet is, therefore, joining the HKSSA internet network. HKSSA will retain same services as in Lansdowne. 
Servers & Workstations ●VPN
●Notebooks ●Wireless Links Point
● Network Cabling ● Remote Support
● ADSL Accounts ● PC Repairs
● Web mail Access ● Onsite Support
● Onsite Backup ● Web hosting & development
● Anti Virus ● Online Backup
● Hardware ● Corporate Mailboxes
●Software ● Data Recovery
We can consider this a done deal.
Implantation will be finalized by end September, thereafter, we will be operating full time depending on client feedback.
Reduction in travelling costs
Bellville South clients will be encouraged to arrange video conferencing, rather than incur flight costs to attend meetings in distant cities or places.


CEO’s updates

I would like to share some recent developments with you. Firstly, here is a quick update. As you know we’ve been expecting feedback on the new place planned for Bellville South.  It has come to my attention that that we will not get the office on we targeted. This means we have to reschedule implementation of Bellville South Project. We will keep you posted as developments unfold!

Another significant celebration in February 2011 was the ITO domain. We closed a deal, which lasted more than six months to conclude. It is by far, considered our biggest deal to date! Again, a well deserved round of congratulations to everyone involved – we are proud of you! Will keep you posted on further developments!

Update 17-03-2011

Deal Clinched

Bellville South office has moved to HK-Systems!

Bellville-South has successfully joined the network transfer

Update 06-03-2011

Mines and banks in DRC award HK-Systems contracts for new Implementation

May 31, 2012
Mines & banks have awarded HK-Systems a contract for supplying and
maintaining their complete ICT infrastructure.

The deal, valued at over 280-million Euros for a term of 10 years,
also includes identifying and exploiting ICT infrastructure. The CEO
of the company plans to visit with an expert to gauge what needs to
be done and signing of contract will follow thereafter, giving the total
expectation and plan of the project .

The scope of the deal includes data centre management, disaster
recovery, service desk and management tools for the mining companies
and banks. The contract also involves the transition of approximately 400-800 employees to HK-Systems.

Update 24-09-2010


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