Lansdowne Internet project

The HKSSA project in Lansdowne started in 2009. Our main motivation, to help the community.

HKSS Africa

Our intuition has always been to put our clients at the centre of all that we do!

Many people in this neighbourhood, including myself, used to go to Lansdowne Library for 45 minute access to free internet, and because that was insufficient, I would often drive to another internet café in town just to complete my tasks..

Upon analysing the volume of users at Lansdowne Library, and the need to provide more access than the 45 minutes allowed there, I took first step to research the idea and approached like-minded people with a view to offering internet services in Kenwyn/Lansdowne area.

Boebie SSS

This was spearheaded by Hevrose Kazadi and Thierry Kasongo, when they joined forces in 2010 to bring internet (IT services) facilities to the Lansdowne community, with Boebie SSS / Chris Barratt backing the idea.

In 2011, the name changed from to HKSSA Lansdowne internet,
operating under HK-systems, umbrella under which they have been moving forward in
bringing clients closer to HK-systems and enabling them the use of a secure network.

I take this opportunity to thank our clients for all round support. I know from my experience at LANSDONE INTERNET that after our success, we saw many entrepreneurs following in our footsteps but gave up quickly because they did not understand that customers came for the overall experience not just to surf the internet. Instead, we always go the extra mile in ensuring we meet customers’ needs and make them realise how much we value their contribution to success of our business.  Good customer service ensures our patrons come back for more.

Hevrose Kazadi CEO of HK-Systems is very passionate about IT, good service delivery for clients. By the grace of GOD, HKSSA Lansdowne boasts seven years of existence, thanks in large to our regular patrons whose support has helped build and solidify this business.


We also note how our facility has changed lives of people in our vicinity in terms of convenience. We plan to continue being of service for a long time to come – with your support of course!

The year 2017 presents great opportunities for business growth.
We encourage everyone to maintain a positive mind and open up to a new way of doing
things to change direction of the challenge. Take the method of simplicity over
complex mode, by enabling correct adjustments in no complicated ways.

At FK-Systems, we believe in seeing our client growth, positive change to help clients move forward.

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